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The lab is interested in the molecular basis of behavior and uses a mixture of patch clamp electrophysiology and behavioral pharmacology to investigate our favorite organism - the purple sea urchin.



Courses taught by Dr Shelley in Neuroscience and Biology.



July 2021

Congratulations to lab member Jordan Besh who was awarded the ITA Arthur Ashe Jr. Leadership and Sportsmanship award! Read more here.

June 2021

Congratulations to lab member Seif Aldalil who was awarded this year's Seabold Merit Scholarship!

June 2021

Welcome to new lab member Emma Howell '23 who is working in the summer as part of the Sewanee Undergraduate Research Fellow (SURF) program.

May 2021

Congratulations to lab member Rowan Jordan, who not only completed a successful BIOL444 but also graduated from Sewanee with a degree in Biology! We wish you all the best for your next steps!

May 2021

The lab will be presenting two posters this Friday at Scholarship Sewanee on sea urchin behavioral pharmacology and electrophysiology. Primary authors Rowan Jordan and Madeleine Rumingan will be available from 3 pm to 5 pm to discuss their work. And thanks also to all of the coauthors (Jordan Besh, Patrick Rodriguez, Abigail Lancaster, Seif Aldalil, and Steven Li) that helped make these projects happen!

Check out the conference website here, https://www.acadiate.com//ee/ssewanee/Lobby

April 2021

Congratulations to lab member Feza Umutoni who was accepted on the summer internship program at the Child Study Center at Yale School of Medicine!

April 2021

Congratulations to lab member Sophia Harnew-Spradley who was accepted on the summer research program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine!

March 2021

Congratulations to lab member Seif Aldalil '23 who was accepted on the the University of Florida's Summer Neuroscience Internship Program!

February 2021

Welcome to the new lab members, Feza Umutoni '22, Sophia Harnew-Spradley '22, Eileen Gomez '23, Mac Gortney '23, and Madison Reid '24! 


October 2020

Recent graduate Natalie Griffin '20 gave a talk on at the Faculty for Neuroscience Neuroscience Undergraduate Research Virtual Symposium (FUN NURVS) held online. Natalie did a great job explaining our latest research on the neurotransmitter systems utilized in sea urchins and the development of a motility assay. Also thanks to Morgan McDonald '20 and Seif Aldalil '23 who contributed data and analysis.


August 2020

Welcome new lab members Abby Lancaster '22,  and Rowan Jordan '21!

May 2020

Congratulations to lab members Natalie Griffin, Morgan McDonald, and Marq Schieber who graduated this month! You will be sadly missed in the lab but all the best for your future endeavors!

April 2020

Despite the Covid19 pandemic, Scholarship Sewanee, the annual campus academic conference presenting student research was held, albeit online. Great posters describing work in the research lab by Morgan McDonald '20, Natalie Griffin '20, Marq Schieber '20, and Jordan Besh '22. And also by Victoria Collins '20 and Caroline Martin '20 describing their project from NEUR351 last Fall.


See the posters here, Scholarship Sewanee 2020

January 2020

Welcome new lab members Patrick Rodriguez '23, Seif Aldalil '23, Steven Li '22!

January 2020

Latest paper published!

"Biased modulators of NMDA receptors control channel opening and ion selectivity".

September 2019

Marq Schieber '20 and his research in the Shelley lab were featured in this month's newsletter of the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship at Sewanee. Student spotlight article

September 2019

The lab is growing in size! Welcome Jordan Besh '22, Lam Ngo '20, Madeleine Rumingan '22, Morgan McDonald '20, Natalie Griffin '20, and Peri Prestwood' 22!

June 2019

Marq Schieber '20 successfully completed a summer research project under the umbrella of SURF (Sewanee Undergraduate Research Fellows) in the lab. Marq recorded some exciting and novel patch clamp data from sea urchin muscle cells.

May 2019

Our two very first Neuroscience majors graduated this May with flying colors - congratulations Delaney Evans and Noah McIndoo. We know you will continue onwards and upwards and achieve great things!

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Dr Chris Shelley

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